Printed Issues

Issue 8: Coming soon

Issue 7: Spring / Summer 2014 $30
Télégramme Magazine - Issue Seven Spring / Summer 2014 Issue 7 of Télégramme magazine, featuring Alistair Watkins-Stuart, Anna Wilton, Dianne Tanner, Marina Oprea and Luiza Potiens.




Issue 6: Autumn / Winter 2013 $27.50

Télégramme Magazine - Issue Six Autumn / Winter 2013Issue 6 of Télégramme magazine featuring photography from Joe St Pierre, Fabrizio Mingarelli, Tuane Eggers, Irina Munteanu and Roslyn Julia.




Issue 5: Spring 2013 $27.50
Télégramme Magazine - Issue Five Spring 2013Issue 5 of Télégramme Magazine. Features photos from Agustina Lapenda, Sarah Anne Wharton Kuhn, Emily Coghlan and Cassoday Harder, and illustrations from Leni Kauffman.




Issue 4: Autumn 2012 $25.50
Télégramme Magazine - Issue Four Autumn 2012Issue 4 of Télégramme Magazine. Features photos from Sarah McLean, Amy Walters & Ben Jones.




Issue 3: Spring 2012 $25

Télégramme Magazine - Issue Three Spring 2012 Issue 3 of Télégramme Magazine features photos from Daniel ReganKatie MerchantGeorge SongPaul Gonella, and illustrations from Mia Nolting.




Issues 1 & 2 are not available to purchase in print, unfortunately.

It’s incredibly easy to print documents via Magcloud – they make the process fairly simple and their customer support is pretty good if you get stuck. (This is a referral link, if you use it I get $10 in my Magcloud account.)

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