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Télégramme was created because I wanted to have a space to put all the photos that made my heart happy. Flickr favourites were (at the time) difficult to browse and a blog didn’t have the same appeal as a static space so I decided to see if I could create a magazine.

The first issue of Télégramme magazine was released in March 2010, and issue two was released in June 2010. There was a little break before issue three was released in March 2012 – it has been produced (roughly) every six months since then. You can read the latest issue here.

Originally created as an online only magazine, print copies of Télégramme are available for issue three onwards.

Who runs Télégramme?

Télégramme is run by me! I’m Sarah Le Jeune, a 35 year old redhead from England who currently lives in Wales. You can find my personal website and blog here.

I like the colour yellow, reading books, watching films and making lists. (I especially love making lists of the books I’ve read and films I’ve watched.) I’m a freelance web developer for my bread and butter, Télégramme is just for fun :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take submissions?

Of course! You can find more info about submitting your work here.

Why are the print copies so expensive?

Télégramme is predominantly an online magazine – I don’t have hundreds of print copies at home (or the money to produce them, sadly). I decided to get a copy printed for myself through MagCloud for issue 3 and really liked the quality. The problem with ‘print on demand’ services is that they will always charge more because you’re printing one thing at a time. I looked into getting a bulk load done, but it’s still expensive and since I can’t guarantee I’d sell any I decided to leave it for now.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to put on an exhibition of some of the photos from all the editions. If anyone thinks they can help me with that then please feel free to contact me!

Do you pay for submissions?

Unfortunately the answer to this is no. All work submitted or solicited is on the understanding that this is no money involved. I created Télégramme for love, not money and I don’t make any cash on it. If I ever do then yes, I will try and pay the people involved!

Will I be credited?

Of course. Whether your photo is used on the blog or in the actual magazine you will always, always receive a credit for your work with a link back to the original piece. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to find the original artist but I don’t use photos if I don’t know who took them (because I don’t like it when it happens to me) and I try very hard to make sure it doesn’t happen with Télégramme. If you find something you think I’ve credited inappropriately please contact me at telegrammemag@gmail.com

How do you create Télégramme?

I create the photo pages in Photoshop, import them to inDesign and add all the text and links and the export as a PDF and upload it to Issuu. Issues one and two were created in Photoshop and Scribus.

Can I write a post for the blog?

Sure! :) Just drop me a line with details of the post you’d like to write and we can discuss it further.

How will I know when the next issue is available?

You can sign up to the mailing list, follow on Twitter or follow the blog – new issues get announced everywhere at the same time so if you follow at least one of those methods you should see it :)

Where else can I find Télégramme things?

Twitter / Facebook / Flickr / Issuu / MagCloud / email


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  2. Thank you Sarah for your efforts and not giving up after a couple of issues and keep up the good work. World need such people who do this for love. I hope you manage to get bigger and get paid for what you do in future.

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