Feel Good Friday – Hygge Life (45)

Hygge is a new concept to me this year but I have 100% embraced it.

Hygge is a word that no one seems to be able to directly translate into any other language. On multiple occasions I have heard it being explained as “a cozy atmosphere.” Yet, any Dane will tell you that it means so much more than that.”

– Pine Tribe

Flickering candles, roaring log fires, cosy blankets, twinkling fairy lights, jigsaw puzzles – the opportunities are endless. Stomping around the woods in a thick coat then coming home for hot chocolate and another chapter of your favourite book. Snuggling in to get through winter together.

Here are some of my favourite shots illustrating how to live your best hygge life. As always, click through (or hover, now Flickr has fancy embeds!) to see original sources.

Ps. How do you like the Télégramme re-design?! I’m quite fond of it, myself :)Untitledhygge

15 February: "Hygge" at home.Untitled

window frost closeup, revisted and adjustedMy Bed

Xmas '09Untitled



Lomo 04▸21maggie macs

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