Featured Photographer: Gaby Rosell

31 year old Argentinian photographer Gaby Rosell shoots dreamy double exposures of nature and humanity intertwined. I asked her a few questions about her work.

What do you shoot with?

Currently, with a bridge model, Nikon p100

How long have you been taking photographs?

4 years or so.

What inspires you the most?

Oh that´s difficult… I think I’ve changed a lot my interests and focus since I’ve started, and at the same time, not so much, because the biggest source of inspiration has always been my emotions and passions.

So, when I started, I was in a dark place in my personal life, therefore the photos were kind of a reflection of that. Eventually, I began a life-changing journey through South America –and also within myself- , and all the personal transformations became the most inspirational force for my photos.

So from few years till now, you can see mostly moments, “carpe diem” moments, the joy in the simple things, and an intent to capture what’s most important to me, which is the connection with nature, our true self and the sense of freedom that comes along; even when I´m in the city, that´s what I constantly search for.

But ultimately I try not to get restricted into any boundaries and let myself be open to the infinite possibilities surrounding.

What’s your favourite thing to take photos of?

As I said, what I love the most is exploring, and the subject can change profoundly, depending on what I´m trying to express.

If you couldn’t take photos, what would you do instead?

Photography is a passion for me, that I even discovered quite recently. For the biggest part of my life I wrote: I love literature, I actually studied that. So I guess I would find another way of expressing myself.

What are you plans for the future?

I´m in a moment with no certain plans right now, and I´m enjoying it. But I see more traveling in the future, that´s for sure.

What is it that you enjoy about photography?

I used to tell people that I fell in love with life at 27 years old when I started taking photos, almost by accident. It made me realize that everything that surrounds us is constantly changing… although it seems obvious, it wasn’t at all obvious to me back then, when everything felt almost static.

I always felt as a searcher even thou I didn’t quite know what I was searching for, and so photography became the perfect tool to explore. It was a turning point, because many things happened since that moment and maybe even because of that, such as finally having the courage to travel backpacking.

As I said, many things happened in between, but I think everything is connected, and one thing led to the other and so on. So I guess what I enjoy most about photography is the same that I love about life in general: the possibility of experimenting and exploring in the most open way.

What motivates you?

I don´t think I´m able to identify it concretely, it´s always an urge, a yearning to express something.

Who are your favourite photographers?

I admire many –many!- contemporary photographers, I deeply enjoy every time I come across someone that just blows my mind in unexpected ways.

What tips would you give to beginners?

To take chances, to learn but also to play, without prejudices, and open minded. It´s not about the camera or about the rules, it´s about enjoying what you do. For me, it´s the same about life.

You can find Gaby on Flickr and Facebook.

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