Project: JKPG by Johan Larsson


I often get submissions to Télégramme from photographers and I try to feature as many as I can, either on the blog or in the actual issues of magazine itself. This is one such submission that I’ve received, and I’d like to share it. Introducing:

Project: JKPG by Johan Larsson

“JKPG (short for Jönköping, city in Sweden).

Dark. Gray. Grainy. Blurry. A photo story about a welfare state in decline. A story about a country with many lonely, frightened people. But also a declaration of love to the most beautiful city on the planet.

Multi-exposures. The photographs are taken with old plastic cameras (toy camera such as vintage Diana and Holga 120). Each photograph consists of between five and fifty exposures.

”It was Vettern that lent such charm to the landscape north of Mount Taberg. It was as if a blue ether had risen up from the lake, and veiled the land. Groves and hills and roofs, and the spires of Jönköping City, which shimmered along Vettern’s shores, lay enveloped in pale blue that caressed the eye. If there were countries in heaven, they, too, must be blue like this, thought the boy, believing that he had got a faint idea of how it must look in Paradise.”
Quote from “Nils Holgersson’s wonderful journey through Sweden” by Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940).

JKPG will be published as a photo book later this year. JKPG will also be exhibit in Malmö in August and Jönköping in September.”


 Johan very kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his work:

How old are you?

27 years old.

Where are you from?

I was born in Skövde, Sweden, but I am currently living in Jönköping, Sweden.

What do you shoot with?

Mostly with vintage cameras. My favorite at the moment is an old Diana camera from the mid ’60s.

How long have you been taking photographs?

I got my first camera when I was a kid, but it was not until 2008-2009 that I started doing it more seriously.

What inspires you the most?

Art and music.

What’s your favorite thing to take photos of?

I photograph the things that matter in my life. It could be my wife, our daughter, the town I live in, or other similar things. I rarely take photos of strangers.

What motivated you to start this project?

JKPG (short for Jönköping) is the city I live in. I started the project a long time ago. I guess I took the first photo in this project in 2010. I am motivated by my curiosity. What happens if you expose every frame fifty times?

If you could not take photos, what would you do instead?

If I could not take photos, I would devote myself to art. The problem, though, is that I can not paint very well.

What are you plans for the future?

My first book – JKPG – will be published later this year. JKPG will also be exhibited in Jönköping this fall.

What is it that you enjoy about photography?

I photograph, therefore I am. :)

You can find more of Johan’s work on his website :)

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