Télégramme Magazine Issue 7 – Out Now!

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Issue 7 of Télégramme is here (and on time, too! Go me) and it features a bumper crop of awesome people. In alphabetical order to alleviate favouritism: Alistair Watkins-Stuart, Anna Wilton, Dianne Tanner, Luiza Potiens and Marina Oprea – thank you, for agreeing to be featured and for lending me your beautiful work :)

If you like this issue I’d love it if you would please considering sharing it. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, write a blog post about it – whatever you feel like doing is a-okay by me. I don’t make any money from this and I never will, but I’d love to share these artists with more people, and the only way I can do that is if you guys get on board too :)



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