Featured Photographer: Sarah Edwards

I get a lot of submissions for Télégramme, something I’m always more than a little surprised about (in a nice way, of course). It means a lot to me that people seem to value Télégramme and that they feel like it’s something they’d be happy to put their name too.

Unfortunately, since I only publish twice a year (with a max of five featured photographers in each issue) I can’t always feature all the people I would like to. Well, I could but the magazine would be about 400 pages long, which I think is perhaps bordering on absurd. (I’d read it, I’m not sure about anyone else ;) )

Sarah is one of those people who submitted her photos – so I thought I’d feature her here on the blog instead. She kindly consented to a quick interview, so read on to find out more about her work :)


Featured Photographer: Sarah Edwards

What is your motivation?

Life I suppose. I’m sensitive to many emotions and find art in many of these emotions and try to capture them as best as I can.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon F3T, it’s a full manual 35mm film SLR which will soon be more or less replaced by a Yashica Mat 124G, a medium format film TLR, full manual as well.

Do you prefer to shoot in black and white? Why?

I do prefer black and white. I think I just work better with it. To me with a picture stripped of it’s color, you can really see what it’s all about,really feel it I think.

sarahedwards (4)

What are your plans for your photography?

I haven’t really thought about any concrete plans but I will keep working with film, because that’s the only reason I love photography, film.

What are your favourite things to photograph?

I like photographs that capture some sort of a feeling or an emotion. I like nature, forests because they have so much character and I’m also very much into self portraiture.

What advice can you give people just starting out with 35mm photography?

Hmm, not sure I can advise but I think for anyone starting out, the trick is to find what they love about photography and just have fun. For people starting with film photography, I would strongly suggest developing your own negatives as it gives a unique connection to your art that is just amazing.

You can find more of Sarah’s work on her Tumblr: http://analoguehead.tumblr.com

Thanks Sarah! :)

If you’d like to submit your work your can find out more information in the ‘about & FAQ‘ section :)

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