Télégramme Magazine Issue 6 – Out Now!

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I’m sorry that issue 6 of Télégramme magazine is a little late – I’d like to blame it on the weather but really I was just a little disorganised. Still! It’s here now and features beautiful photos from Joe St Pierre, Fabrizio Mingarelli, Tuane Eggers, Irina Munteanu and Roslyn Julia :)

This issue took way longer than I would have liked it to – when you work on your own on a project it’s inevitable that things start to slip if you get busy! Télégramme will always be a free venture, I make zero money and couldn’t care less, it’s all about showcasing these fantastic artists.

So, what I’m asking is that if you like this issue that you please considering sharing it. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, write a blog post about it – whatever you feel like doing is a-okay by me. Many thanks in advance from this grateful redhead. (& if you do write a post about it let me know! :) )

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