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Polaroid Land Camera 230

Ah, polaroid. As someone born in the 80s, Polaroid cameras were something I knew about but not something I often had a chance to touch. I can count on one hand the amount of photos I took on one before I went to university – we didn’t own a Polaroid ourselves (although we did have a nifty APS camera. Fancy) so I had to be content with the occasional button press at a party or an event where someone was toting one around. Shaking the film was always the best part even tho you’re not supposed to do that apparently (spoil sports). I actually bought a Polaroid I-Zone (sadly now discontinued) when I got to uni, which dispensed tiny, sticky photos that I adored. Nowhere near as fun as the real thing but as a foray into instant cameras, it was pretty neat.

If there’s anyone in the western world who doesn’t know what a Polaroid camera is I’ll be surprised. It’s nice to see the resurgence too with The Impossible Project making it possible (although it’ll cost you) to take instant snaps with your SX-70s and 600s with relative ease again. We actually have one sitting on our shelf now, I just can’t quite bring myself to shell out £20 for 8 photos..Luckily, they’re also good looking cameras so at least we can admire it while we save up the cash to take it for a spin again.

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