Weightless – A Series by Kaitlyn Ferris

Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

I stumbled across this series from 21 year old, Long Island resident Kaitlyn Ferris and instantly fell in love, even tho it’s not the usual style we feature in Télégramme. I got in touch with Kaitlyn and asked her a few questions about her photographs…

How long have you been a photographer?

When I graduated preschool I told the entire audience that when I grew up I wanted to be an artist. My dad surrounded me in art my entire life, and I am forever thankful for that. When I was fourteen I decided that I was going to be a photographer. Granted, I now cringe at all the things I thought were wonderful – but it’s always that journey that is the most important, right? I got more serious through high school and was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology where I received my associates degree as a photography major. When I was about 18 I began doing commissioned jobs for clients, and it’s been an amazing experience ever since!

Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

What equipment do you shoot with?

Currently I am using a Nikon d5000, but am so excited to say I will be putting that away soon for a new full frame camera!! I am in love with my 35mm 1.8 lens, but a 50 is always handy too!
Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

What was your inspiration for the Weightless project?

When I was a junior in high school I took a computer graphics class (based on photoshop/illustrator). I wasn’t a huge fan of photoshop yet, and my teacher, Vincent Nasta, who constantly praised me on my work always insisted I would love it. That summer he died in a plane accident. Feeling completely crushed, I knew that I needed to do something special. I created my first (horrible) levitation self portrait in my back yard. At the time I had a PC and actually used MS paint to edit (for MS paint it was pretty good though, I guess..)
I would definitely say that was my main inspiration for starting the concept of levitation (combined with inspiration of Rosie Hardy’s work). From then on I knew that it was something I loved to capture, and ideas kept flowing. The first series that I felt worthy enough to consider a photo story would be when I collaborated with an incredible yogi and friend, Laura Ahrens. Together we were able to make my imagination a reality and we have been working together ever since. I always tell her that she is my levitation muse!
Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

Will you be adding more photos to it or is complete?

I had a portfolio class one semester of college where I needed to create a brand new portfolio – and that is when I started actually making the levitation images into a series. I did many yoga influenced images, some dance and some fashion. When fixing my website I knew I wanted all of those images together, so I kind of threw them in an album and named it the first thing that I thought of – weightless.  (Actually, I take that back, I think that my boyfriend may have named it for me; I am too indecisive.) I actually don’t feel like any of those images are exactly what I want them to be, because I think I can push myself way further. I think they are still practice runs, and the best is yet to come. So maybe the series hasn’t even begun yet.
Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

Do the Weightless photos look the way you expected them to?

Looking at some of them they look better than what I imagined. Of course I look at some and now have a million imagine if’s and what if’s and I should of’s- but that just makes the next series so much stronger. Considering there is post production afterwards I have learned to look through my lens and see the final product as opposed to what is naturally in front of me. I am always amazed by the different forms that different yogis/dancers/models can create. I feel that they are always different, because every body (and everybody) is different.
Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

Do you process your photos?

Yes I do. I have now mastered the ability to do minimal editing (or so it seems, because I have a nice routine when it comes down to it.) I generally do the same alterations (or try to) when I open up a raw file. Then the photograph is brought into photoshop where I make the vision come to life. The rest is a secret though!
Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

What do you enjoy most about photography?

I kind of jumped around all of these questions and found myself leaving this one for last because I wanted to try and fumble together the right words to explain, or better yet to figure it out myself. There is nothing more rewarding than photographing a couple and capturing their love radiating, or making someone realize how beautiful they truly are. I think that when it comes to why I love photography as a job, I love that I can literally stop time and capture a memory for someone and hand it back to them. I love the happiness that it brings to people, and that is such a rewarding feeling.
I love that after my dad passed away I was able to capture how I felt in photographs so I didn’t have to worry about trying to explain it. I love that whenever I see the sun at golden hour I now I immediately want to take out my camera because I know it would create the perfect hair light. I love that with photography every dream that you have can be created. It gives me the ability to take reality and make it into my own. I suppose I am just incredibly passionate about it, and it brings me happiness.
Kaitlyn Ferris - Weightless

Do you have any future projects lined up?

Well, I am always forcing myself to keep busy with personal work (maybe not as much as I should, but I do). I think it’s super important to keep my own portfolio growing without my commissioned jobs getting in the way of that. Next month there will be a new collaboration with Laura Ahrens and her wonderful yoga again though – so I am definitely excited for that.

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Thanks so much for allowing us to showcase your fantastic images, Kaitlyn! You can find out more about Kaitlyn here:

Instagram: __kaitlynferris


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