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Created in the 1980s, I came late to the Holga party, not even setting eyes on my first one until about 5 years ago. I have friends who adore their chunky plastic beauties, but I’m still yet to take the plunge and buy one myself. I think the film format puts me off a little, the lack of local purveyors of 120mm these days makes it hard to get enthusiastic about have to pay £££ for each roll. I have a lot of love for the quirky, square format camera tho, and I’m thankfully not the only one. Famous for their light leaks and strong colours, Holga cameras are unapologetic in their awesomeness, although they can sometimes be tricky beasts to tame. Lomography.com offers some sage advice:

We hope that you feel the same excitement that we did when we received our first prints. We are also, unfortunately, fairly sure that you will suffer through at least some of the aggravation that we did in learning to use the Holga. But it’s all part of the experience. Be patient, have fun, and don’t give up on this homely, oversized contraption. Become a part of the vibrant international community that revolves around its no-frills plastic lens. Never leave the Holga at home. Super-glue it to the side of your head if you must. Experiment and be relentless.


(Unsurprisingly) there are some awesome Flickr groups for Holga photos if you’re looking for more inspiration or a place to submit yours:
1. Holga Flickr Group
2. Holgagraphy Flickr Group
. HOLGA&LOMO Flickr Group
4. Toy Cameras Flickr Group

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