Attempting to use a Rangefinder

I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a Fed-3 Rangefinder from one of my office mates a few months ago. It was my first try with a rangefinder, so the shots were very hit and miss – I definitely need to brush up on my camera theory, working with digital cameras for so long has made me lazy and complacent. Oops!

Here are some shots from the roll that I quite liked, taken around and about Cardiff.

All Stock Must Go





Blurry Pug

(this one didn’t come out very well but the little pug was just so sweet)

2012 has been a busy year (but a good one) – I put out two issues of Télégramme, got married and spent 5 weeks out of the country. 2013 is lining up to be even busier travel wise (so excited to take photos in all these beautiful countries we’re planning to visit) but rest assured, issue 5 of Télégramme will be out in March :)

Happy New Year!

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